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Who Is She?

She's independent and strong yet cheerful and playful. A mother, lover, daughter, sister and friend. Addicted to education, coffee and the newest hair techniques. She thrives in beautifying the world and creating memories, but hasn't printed any of the thousand pictures in her phone. Quick witted and sarcastic yet professional and respectful. She loves cats but has two dogs. She loves books and forgot how to dance but isn't afraid to show off her moves.

       Nancy Britton started her hairstylist career in the year 2000 right out of high school. Born in Arizona and raised in Southern California, Nancy was quite the plain jane growing up. It wasn't till she entered cosmetology school where she found her love for the beauty industry. All these years later she finds herself lucky for all her accomplishments although she insist shes not even near reaching all her goals. Being in the industry for 19 years Nancy has become a specialist in color and extensions, the go to wedding hair guru, an on-set hairstylist, an educator and a salon owner of two salons. She started her career in the Inland Empire of California and has been spreading her talent all over the Inland Empire since the beginning. In 2012 she created Shear Vault Hair Studio and opened her first salon. Nancy values each and every person she has met along the way in her career, from clients to stylist and her mentors. She is consistent with keeping up with education and the new trends that come out.  In her free time away from the hair world she loves to spend time with her children and likes to enjoy the out doors with them. As well as enjoying family gatherings.


     "People ask me constantly how do I do it? my answer is simple ... I have passion and a plan. I'm laying the foundation to living a beautiful life and I'm enjoying my life along the way. I take pride in everything I do and everything I strive for. I wake up every morning and look at the little faces that greet me and I am amped up with motivation to strive for what I want for myself and what I want for my kids. Its a beautiful thing when you have something(s) or someone(s) who motivates your life."


      Today Nancy balances her professional world and her mommy life very easily and separate. She embraces everything that comes to her and has over come many obstacles and lessons learned along the way. Shes a go-getter and does not give up. She goes above and beyond for her family, friends and clients. She may have invested 19 years in her career but in her eyes shes only just begun.






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