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2016 Hair Trends

So as I was doing my clients hair today she asked me, " So what are the 2016 trends anyways? Am I stylish or slugish?" I gave her a new updated look and she was absoultly in love with her new style but it got me thinking I have yet to post about 2016 trends. I only just tell my clients when they ask. So I thought I would take a few moments to talk about the trends that are going to take over 2016.

Copper Take Over:

Yes! I been seeing alot of clients pullimg away from those deep wine or vibrant reds and ditching them for more auburn and copper colors. You will start noticing a ginger movement going around.

Delicate Blondes:

Those soft ultra light blondes are taking over. This color is so precious and almost see through blonde. Its a beautiful soft shade that looks good as long as you take proper care of those treses.

Pastel Colors:

Its all about those soft colors this year. They look beautiful twisted in braids and do's. Its like an accesory for hair. When doing pastels its easier to change from blues to purples because the shades are so light , much better then the bolder colors and what you have to go through to make a switch.

Baby Lights:

Yes another delicate hair color. Now these are highlights but applied to the hair as if your doing a balayage. They are no where near the traditional highlights where you see chunks or streaks, these are so dainty they give the affect as soft and natural to where you cant even tell because they are not defined in the hair like a typical highlight. They are absolutly beautiful.

Deep Woodsy:

2016 is leaning towards woodsy brunettes. They come with defined words such as espesso, cinnimon, chocolates and mocha. They are rich in color browns. If your board with your "just brown" nows the time to fuel your hair with a vibrant brown.

So there you have it sounds very earthly and its a beautiful time to enbrace a new trend if your looking for a change. I think the trends cover everyone and will take anyones hair a step up from where they are now.

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